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Custom Design


Look Dazzling in Custom-Designed Jewelry 

Tired of the same old jewelry design that’s crowding the market? Team up with the highly trained jewelers at Mincemoyer Jewelry and create a stunning piece of jewelry that’s uniquely you! 

Customized Bridal Jewelry 

You deserve nothing less than the most stunning piece of jewelry for your big day. Let us provide you with a custom-designed wedding ring or bridal pendant to suit your unique style. All our designs are done in our store!

Don’t worry if you haven’t found the perfect ring for your special someone. Our talented jewelers will use their countless years of experience to design a ring that perfectly represents your undying love.
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Jewelry Redesigning Services 

We understand that your inherited jewelry items have a special place in your heart. Don't keep your grandma's lovely pendant hidden away; bring it to us and we'll give it a modern spin!

Hire us to redesign old wedding sets, broaches, and other old jewelry items. You’ll be wearing them proudly after we’re done with the redesigning work! We also do jewelry repairs. Contact us today.
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Get a FREE quote on your custom-designed jewelry. Call us at 815-397-7227 to schedule an appointment.

“The Mincemoyer team was so helpful during the entire wedding process! I loved my ring and my husband’s ring.”

- Becca Renee Huber 

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